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Hughes Hall and Lucy Cavendish College Boat Club (HHLCBC) has achieved unprecedented success in recent years. The club has a history of consistently fielding rowers in the Cambridge-Oxford Varsity Boat Race and many of its alumni also compete at the national and international levels.


The 2013-14 rowing calendar was no exception. The women’s crew had a phenomenal year, winning pots in the Winter Head to Head and the first VIII earned their blades in the Lent Bumps. The year culminated in the competitive May Bumps, where the women’s first VIII and the first and second men’s VIIIs won blades and none of the college’s five boats were bumped once during the competition. These results put HHLCBC at the top of the charts, winning them the 2014 Pegasus Cup. Hughes Hall is now the only Cambridge college to have won the Pegasus Cup for the third time.


The achievements of the boat club is even more significant considering the fact that Hughes Hall admits many students on one-year degrees. As such, the boat club trains many novices each year, and top performers are often given opportunities in the first VIII. The Hughes Hall Boat Club houses its rowing shells in the Emmanuel Boathouse. The women's crew is organised jointly with Lucy Cavendish Boat Club.


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